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Founded by Wil Petty in 2018. Fox Lake Press is an entertainment producer of kids content. Our IP is featured in books, videos, games and toys.
Author and Illustrator Wil Pettys' career has taken many turns, first as a Space Camp Councilor, Animal Emergency Technician, then TV Cameraman. Later working as a TV Writer, Director and Editor of local TV commercials for Florida regional accounts.

Wil has written and directed several short film projects, including "The Haunting of Misty Creek" and "Harvester" as well as the animated short commercials for "Devils Hand Card Game" and "Doo Drops". Will attended the Little Airplane Productions workshop and Hit Makers Summit workshop for children's Television and is a former SCWI member. Later, Wil worked as a graphics design and illustrator for a major apparel supplier for Disney, Monster Truck Jam, House of Blues, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cedar Fair.

Today Wil is a game designer for Catfight Games and is also the creator of children's picture books and family entertainment.